The decision to make a difference

Performing arts have always had a special place in Lianne’s life and it’s been a consistent confidence-builder for her since she was a child. Being a mum of 3 herself, that’s why she decided to start on a journey to help more kids build confidence by becoming the director and principal of Dramalam Performing Arts. 

A killer system

One of the first decisions that Lianne made was to search for a good booking and management software for her new club. She knew that she didn’t want to deal with mountains of paperwork or endless spreadsheets for keeping track of her school’s progress. That’s when ClassForKids came into the picture.

Lianne knew how important it is to have good systems and practices in place - both for herself and her teachers but also for parents booking their children into the classes. 

“We managed to more than double our club size in less than a year and I think that ClassForKids helped with that. The system makes it so easy for parents to book their children on, it really couldn’t be any simpler.”

The system has been great for her own visibility and for her teachers as well. With key features like registers, Lianne’s teachers never have to look through piles of paperwork to find emergency contact details, find out which kids can have their pictures shared online, or to figure out which pupils are in what classes.

A unique selling point(e)

With a real point of difference that speaks to many parents, Dramalam have increased their revenue by 140% during their second year compared to their first. 

“I think what makes our school stand out is that it’s run by someone who is a mum, so we have a nice balance of knowing how to nurture young children and also knowing what parents look for. It helps to know your customers that well.”

Not only does Dramalam Performing Arts offer classes in both musical theatre and dance, but they’re also big fans of the camp feature. Running camps has helped the school reach even more kids in their market, especially because of the flexible options offered to parents such as late pickups and early drop offs. With how easy it is to set up camps using the ClassForKids system, Lianne is keen to inspire more clubs to run camps. She’s also become a bit of an expert when it comes to converting camp-goers to term-bookings as well.

“My top tip for converting camp-bookings into subscriptions is to follow up with everyone that attended camp. The system means you have their details already, so follow up and get their feedback and then offer your term classes to them.”

With a flexible system that is ever-evolving and with a real point of difference, Lianne has managed to help lots of young kids by nurturing their wellbeing and inspiring confidence through her own passion for performing arts. We have no doubt she will continue to grow her club and provide even more kids with the support they need to develop confidence and other important life skills in the future.


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