July 3, 2023

Level Up Your Kids Club

Join us as we bring together a panel of experts to discuss all things franchising.

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Level Up Your Kids Club

Our team of experts give their top tips to help you build your marketing, ads and social strategy.

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Talking Points

Our team of in-house experts bring you an winning masterclass on how to Level Up your business! From top-level business advice, to how you can create ads and manage your social media, you'll be given the most essential tools to take your kids activity business to the next level!

Access now to find out more about:

✅ How to build and effective marketing strategy

✅ They key components to building Facebook Ads

✅ The difference between paid ads and boosting posts

✅ How to build a social media strategy that will help you grow your business

✅ Creating content that will engage your parents

About the Speaker

Rebecca Forsyth

Rebecca is our in-house Content Strategist, Social Media expert and part-time podcaster. When she's not writing, planning or snapping content, you'll find her in one of three places: engrossed in Greek Mythology books, on a paddle board with her dog, or climbing a hill somewhere in Scotland.