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Meet Geoff. He’s the founder of Good Life Gymnastics and he’s been using the ClassForKids system since the start to help run his business.

The club began with a summer holiday camp which Geoff discovered was the perfect way to generate demand and interest for classes. A few months later, he had started a few term classes with 48 children attending. Fast forward five years and Good Life Gymnastics has continued to go from strength to strength.

Geoff now runs classes in 9 venues with over 700 kids attending each week.



Geoff has always understood the need to adapt to changes quickly. With the first lockdown, the club was running classes online within a week. Customers' health and happiness have always been at the heart of everything Geoff’s done. Not just for the kids, but for the community they’ve built too! So it was natural that Geoff’s mindset was on maintaining quality service and normality for children and parents.

But with lockdown 2.0, Geoff has taken a different approach. Knowing how quickly things bounce back, Geoff plans on letting the content they produced in the first lockdown do the work for them while taking the time to focus on the club’s future. This time has allowed Geoff to analyse whether his business strategy is sustainable for growth. Geoff wanted a business that wasn’t solely reliant on him but moved forward because of the process, technology, staff and structure in place. Lockdown has provided some validation knowing that the business can keep moving in this direction to achieve future growth because it has been built on all the right foundations. 



Online classes will continue to play a part in the club’s future. But rather than running as an alternative to physical classes, the digital world will become a mechanism for increased brand reach and a strong social presence.  

For Geoff, online classes are now seen as a resource to aid teaching and a way to engage with different audiences that he can invite to physical classes when they return. Creating ‘gated content’ will allow Geoff to turn what many clubs would consider a short-term solution into a long-term vision with lots of potential customers. It’s clear that everything Geoff does is with the club and their growth plans in mind.


“Rather than viewing online classes as a new way to operate, it’s a way to aid our growth plans because we can build data in new locations…”

Geoff - GoodLife Gymnastics


Geoff’s plans for the future are ambitious- just like him! In the next 3 years, he would like the club to be 10x its current size by expanding into different areas.

And while Geoff is open to the idea of franchising, he believes the club has what it takes to grow on their own with a solid business structure and an automated booking system like ClassForKids.



One of the biggest reasons for Geoff’s success today is because he treated his gymnastic club like a ‘business’. Running only one term on paper and cash, Geoff quickly realised he needed a better process if he was going to achieve great success. 

Geoff’s a firm believer that behind every good business is an automated system that takes care of admin. And that’s when he discovered ClassForKids. 

Since then, he’s been taking bookings online, converting club trials at the click of a button and taking payments through the subscription feature. Not only does this give the club a steady stream of cash flow, but making classes even more affordable for parents. 

Geoff has also highlighted the importance of keeping everything together in one place. It makes life easier and helps them make good business decisions. Being able to see monthly revenue at a glance, see the highs and lows and analyse data over a few years to spot consistent trends continues to fuel their growth.

The ClassForKids system was especially crucial in running the business during a pandemic and gave Geoff control. He was able to pause all subscriptions at mass to provide customers with a payment break while classes weren’t running. This meant the club retained all members - all they had to do was start subscriptions again! 

“It’s exactly what I wanted - I didn’t want this old fashioned business structure, I wanted everything as efficient as possible. As soon as I saw it, I thought ‘perfect’. I get my registers online, payments online - it has everything you could need.”

Geoff - GoodLife Gymnastics