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Munchkin Sports

Bounce Back with 400+ Camp Bookings with Support from ClassForKids

After starting Munchkin Sports in 2012 with a handful of children attending weekly classes, Joe and Tony had big plans for the club. Their dedication and innovation in coaching have helped them grow to see over 4000 children each week!

But it’s holiday camps that have been the biggest surprise in business. Generating 2X more income, the club now regularly see 650+ children attending every camp. 


Confidence is Key

After 10 years of coaching at a local rugby club and school, Joe realised there was a lack of coaching available for younger children aged 2-7. After initially thinking about focusing solely on rugby, Joe’s wife suggested he think about broadening his horizons as multi-sports could play a bigger role in his future. 

And she was right! Munchkin Sports now offers everything from football to rugby to other multisports including athletics, netball, tennis and cricket.

Despite starting the business in the middle of a recession, Joe and Tony stood firm in their decision to start because they knew children needed sports and activity; not just for physical activity or mental well-being, but for encouraging key skills like communication and teamwork. And they knew parents would support this ethos too.

We were spending hours and hours literally putting parents details into spreadsheets - it was ridiculous!

Joe - Munchkin Sports

Using Data to Drive Results


In the past 8 years, the business has gone from strength to strength. Their hard work and passion have proven popular in schools too with Munchkins now operating in over 50 after school clubs across 20+ schools each week. But holiday camps have been the real winner at Munchkin Sports. 

The success of camps has largely been down to Munchkin Sports reminding customers of the value of camps and promoting this across social media to generate interest from new and existing customers.

Because they put time and effort into advertising camps so well, Munchkins generate around 2x more income when compared to term classes. Because of the continual demand for camps during the holidays, they now have over 50+ staff members helping throughout the year. 

But with an evergrowing customer base, payments, bookings and day-to-day tasks became increasingly difficult to manage. After looking at custom-built systems, Joe realised time was of the essence. So he started to search for a system designed for kids activity businesses, and that’s when he came across ClassForKids. And he hasn’t looked back since...


Bonus Points with a New Player


Since using the system, the operational side of the business has changed dramatically. Joe and Tony now have time to focus on the club’s programmes, maintaining the brand and pushing their marketing forward. 

Munchkins now take all of their bookings and payments online meaning there’s no payment chase or tracking different bookings across mountains of paperwork. Bookings come directly through their website, and they’ve even got it linked to their Facebook page to maximise the number of bookings.   

We couldn’t operate without ClassForKids. It’s so simple for parents to book and pay and we have everything in one place.

Joe - Munchkin Sports