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Wherever you are in your clubs journey we can take you further. Maybe you are looking to develop the next generation of footballers, dancers or artists, or maybe you enjoy being at the heart of the community helping young gymnasts or cricketers. 

Whatever your club aims we can help you hit the target. If you are looking for some inspiration find out how other clubs sprung into action with ClassForKids.


At ClassForKids, we know how great it is for your clubs to offer holiday camps. It allows you to run intensive sessions during the school holidays and is a great business boost for the year. If you’re new to the concept of camps and haven’t tried hosting one before, then you should definitely consider it. Don’t worry, we’ll help you along the way!

Summer camps are coming up and we’re here to prep you for it.


Looking to scale? Let us do the heavy lifting.
Providing key business data, access to industry leading support as well as the ability to develop bespoke features means you can scale with confidence.


Parents and their children love your club, now let me them love the way it's run. With the ClassForKids booking system you can give parents what they want; time back in their day.

No more rushing around to get cash, or rooting around in drawers for a dog-eared cheque book. Now they can register, book and pay at the touch of a button. Simple. Hear what parents - just like your clubs - are saying about the system.