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An early adopter of our kids club management software, Rob started with 450 pupils and 16 members of staff. Now he is running classes from 9 locations with 1000 pupils and 35 staff members. Want to be like Rob? Find out how ClassForKids can give your business extra bounce.


The Beginnings

As every coach knows getting the fundamentals right creates a platform for future success. In starting Ainsty, Rob combined his many years of teaching experience with a desire to create an environment where anyone who wanted to learn gymnastics could do so in a fully supported and inclusive way. It’s this approach that has earned him the admiration and respect of the local community (and it has to be said many fans in the ClassForKids office!).


The Challenge and ClassForKids' Solution

Skipping, running and jumping ahead, Rob quickly implemented a range of options suitable for children aged 6 months to 16. From Parties to Parkour, children could easily spend their whole childhood with Ainsty learning new activities and developing their sense of discipline and structure. Working with the ClassForKids system enabled Rob to grow the business, allowing him to re-claim his day from endless manual admin tasks and investing his time planning the development of the club. As a result, there are now a wide range of classes; play gym, parkour, trampolining and the exclusive GymPacT, enabling children to make friends, get exercise and develop new skills. Every parent’s dream. Of course every parent’s nightmare can be the complicated process of organising and then paying for classes. But Rob has that covered and issues his invoices through the ClassForKids platform enabling faster online bookings and payments.


The outcome

There’s no stopping Ainsty. In 2017 the club won SME’s Enterprise Innovation award. A fantastic achievement. Rob’s vision of building a club which embraces both the needs of the children as well developing coaching talent, has resulted in a valuable and lasting difference within the local community. And we have been there every jeté of the way. Helping get Ainsty seamlessly off the ground, scale and now ready and poised for the next phase of growth has been an honour. Rob, we salute you. And we can do the same for you. Whether you want to get organised, save time, be more connected with parents or get paid quicker, the ClassForKids platform can help.


Rob's Top Tips

Develop genuine empathy with children; the best coaches are not athletes, they are the best at getting across what a child needs to develop a skill. Be a good listener; continual feedback improves the experience for everyone. Be enthusiastic - always try to progress a child to the next level


Former Headmaster Rob has been scaling new heights with his club, Ainsty Gymnastics, since 2016. 



Kids Industry:

Gymnastics & Trampolining Club

It makes life easier and lets me spend more time growing classes and spending time developing coaches. I couldn’t do without it."

- Rob, Ainsty Gymnastics