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With a background in musical theatre and ballet it seemed inevitable that Jen would run a dance school. Yet initially she set up only one afternoon class for tiny ballerinas with a completely open mind. Word of mouth however can be a very powerful marketing tool; parents were delighted by this initial session and demand for classes grew. From those early days Jen knew she wanted to create a school that was creative, accessible & friendly. Ballet North assumed first position in 2012.


The beginnings and the Challenge

From a modest start the school went on to grow and add classes for all ages. Toddlers to teenagers are able to access a professional framework which includes exams as well as an annual performance showcasing stunning movements and costumes. As the school grew, so too did the amount of paperwork Jen was processing. From sign-up forms, invoicing, managing class registers and taking payments, processes were becoming as tangled as ballet slipper ribbons.


CLASSFORKIDS' Solution and the Outcome

In 2015 ClassForKids enters stage left; our club management software helping Ballet North take centre stage. Now there are over 400 pupils in attendance, paperwork is tamed, registers conquered and payments streamlined. And the school is poised for further success. With our system, 8 teachers covering 3 areas, the school can now easily replicate the model across new locations. To be successful every show must have a leading performer, a great storyline and a strong supporting cast. Ballet North has it all.

Jen has combined her love of dance with musical theatre and brought that passion to a new generation of young dancers. If you feel your dance school would benefit from a great supporting cast get in touch today. Book a demo of the ClassForKids platform and with our help, see where your story can go.


Bringing the joy of dance to a new generation of ballerinas is Jen Pelzig, founder of Ballet North. From performing for the Queen to winning awards, this talented artist lights up the lives of those she teaches.


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I love that all teachers can easily access registers; having this information makes planning classes effortless. It’s also great to be able to track the progress of each child - it allows me to tailor to their individual needs."

- Jen, Ballet North